Waste Free Earth's pivot to industry's first Remote Zero Waste Team

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

As some of you may be aware, Waste Free Earth used to be primarily in the event sector building zero waste strategies for events all across the United States. We were on track for 2020 to be our best year yet, locking in some high-level clients and growing internally.

Then, COVID-19 hit and we lost all of our clients within the week. Our founder Marina McCoy got nominated Vermont's Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the beginning of that same week. Talk about irony.

Nonetheless, we put our heads down and got to work. The positive side to all the uncertainty surrounding us was that we were certain about our 'why.' We love building zero waste strategies, no matter the industry. Regardless of the industry you are in, there is a similar framework you use to implement zero waste operations. Once we realized this, we decided to make our pivot permanent and launch our Remote Zero Waste Team, the industry's first outsourcing service for zero waste operations.

How did Remote Zero Waste Team come to fruition?

We noticed that many companies have progressive sustainability initiatives but continue to miss the mark on zero waste programs. At Waste Free Earth, we believe that the zero waste movement is the foundation of sustainability.

The zero waste movement emerged from consumers wanting more sustainable options when it comes to products and packaging. In a recent study, 88% of consumers want brands to help them make a difference but only 28% of consumers say that brands make it easier for consumers to be environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily lives. There is clearly still a major disconnect between brands and consumers. That is where we come in.

How do we bridge that gap?

Companies can outsource almost any business task or service to an external team, except for zero waste operations. That's why Waste Free Earth is now offering our expertise and experience through a Remote Zero Waste Team, the first ever service of it's kind to hit the market.

We streamline your zero waste initiatives, roadmap your goals, and track your

success so you don't have to. We have monthly plans starting at less than the cost of one

full-time employee. Companies have the ability to reach out to us as if we are right there in the office with them. Companies also get the added benefit of our accumulation of knowledge from past and current clients, which means companies have access to the latest zero waste trends to keep their company at the forefront of the movement.

Why Remote Zero Waste Team instead of consulting?

When the pandemic hit, we switched to hourly consulting, which was great and helped us ride the wave of COVID and pivoting our business. However, we noticed that by charging hourly, it didn't build a culture of support with our clients as we had hoped. Zero waste living is about long-term growth and so are our partnerships. By having monthly plans with unlimited phone calls and emails, this reassures our clients that we are there for them.

In short

  • Hourly ≠ efficiency

  • Open communication channels for support

  • Breakdown stigma of consultants as not part of the company culture

  • Clear expectations of cost and objectives month after month

Why should companies work with Waste Free Earth?

Our systems work because we foster a culture of empowerment and open communication throughout our zero waste framework. We empower stakeholder buy-in through trainings, challenges, and support. We educate staff and consumers

through the company's existing marketing channels to further cultivate a culture of sustainability.

Companies have the opportunity to slash greenhouse gas emissions

and contribute to a proven climate solution right now: zero waste initiatives.

Why work with us?

  • Your customers are wanting it and expecting it

  • Proven systems and credibility

  • Accumulated knowledge from current and past clients

  • Customized approach with expertise

  • Membership portal and virtual timeline

  • Stakeholder buy-in

  • Overall presence of sustainability enhanced

  • Partnering with a socially and environmentally responsible company

To wrap it all up, at Waste Free Earth, we relieve our clients' stress by providing them with tools that guide them in achieving their zero waste goals, while also energizing their team to create lasting change. Interested in learning more about our services and how we can work together? Check out our service page here.

Let's work towards a Waste Free Earth, together.

Written by Founder/CEO Marina McCoy

Please feel free to pull any quotes from the article and credit Marina McCoy.

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