RELEASE: Waste Free Earth Launches Industry's First Remote Zero Waste Team

Burlington, VT. August 21, 2020. In a world turned remote by a global pandemic, Waste Free Earth has pivoted from offering zero waste event services to launching a Remote Zero Waste Team, the industry’s first-ever outsourcing service for zero waste operations.

Based out of Burlington, VT, Waste Free Earth has been building award-winning zero waste strategies for events and businesses all across the United States for over half a decade. Earlier this year, founder Marina McCoy was nominated Vermont's Young Entrepreneur of the Year for her leadership in zero waste business. But when COVID-19 hit the U.S. and caused mass cancellations of music festivals and other high-attendance events, Waste Free Earth’s business model became obsolete overnight.

Despite the uncertainty, Waste Free Earth remained unwavering in its mission. “We admitted that we had to turn off the event side of our business, and we acted fast,” said Waste Free Earth founder Marina Mccoy. “We love building zero waste strategies, no matter the industry. We noticed that many companies have progressive sustainability initiatives but continue to miss the mark on zero waste programs.”

“The zero waste movement is consumer-driven,” McCoy added. “We know 88% of consumers want brands to help them reduce their environmental impact, but only 28% of consumers report they do. That’s a major disconnect, and exactly where a service like Waste Free Earth can help. What’s more, research estimates a 250% increase in single-use plastic consumption since the outbreak of COVID-19. Embracing this, we launched our Remote Zero Waste Team.”

Now, through monthly plans starting at less than the cost of one full-time employee, Waste Free Earth helps clients streamline zero waste initiatives, roadmap goals, and track success so they don't have to. McCoy and her team consult on the true recyclability or compostability of products, build waste management plans that reduce waste on all levels before it gets produced, and lead clients in curating a sustainable business culture. Companies have the ability to reach out to Waste Free Earth as if they were right there in the office with them, drawing on the team’s 13 years in the sustainability industry.

When asked why a Remote Zero Waste Team instead of simply hourly consulting, McCoy explained it comes down to building a lasting foundation. “We noticed charging hourly did not build a culture of support with our clients in the way we wanted. Zero waste living is about long-term growth, and so are our partnerships. By having monthly plans with unlimited phone calls and emails, this reassures our clients that we are there for them.”

“We are growing,” McCoy said. “Our 'why' hasn't changed. We are still on a mission to create a 'Waste Free Earth.' The only thing that has changed is how we implement the strategies within different industries. This is a changing world. We have to adapt, and I believe that's why our pivot has been so successful.”

Interested in learning how a Remote Zero Waste Team can benefit your organization? Check out Waste Free Earth’s services and schedule a discovery call today.


Experts in zero waste strategies and operations, Waste Free Earth now offers the industry's first outsourcing service for zero waste operations. Fostering a culture of empowerment and open communication throughout a unique zero waste framework, Waste Free Earth’s Remote Zero Waste Team provides tools to guide your organization in achieving your zero waste goals, while also energizing your team to create lasting change internally and beyond. A socially and environmentally responsible company, Waste Free Earth is 100% women owned and operated and a contributing member of 1% For The Planet and Vermont Businesses For Social Responsibility. Interested in learning more about how Waste Free Earth’s services can benefit your organization? Schedule a discovery call today. Let's work towards a Waste Free Earth, together.

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