10 reasons your company needs a remote zero waste team

On an individual level, how much trash do you throw away each day? The EPA estimates that 4.5 pounds of landfill waste is produced every day by the average person in the US.

Now, think about how much waste your whole company makes throughout day-to-day activities within the office (or now at home). Does your company produce consumer products or services? Don’t forget about the waste that your company also makes throughout the manufacturing process and the waste that consumers inherit from using your product or service.

Once you notice the waste, it’s hard for it to continue to go unseen. That’s why the zero waste movement emerged from consumers wanting more sustainable options when it comes to products and packaging. With only 28% of consumers saying that brands make it easier for them to be environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily lives, there’s still a disconnect between brands and consumers.

Your company needs a remote zero waste team if...

  1. You care about the environment but don’t know where to start operationally.

  2. You have sustainability goals in place but haven't thought about the impact of waste.

  3. You want to save money in waste disposal costs.

  4. You’re required by law to divert organics and recyclables from the landfill (looking at states like you, Vermont!)

  5. Your sustainability department is overwhelmed and needs reliable support.

  6. You want to educate your consumers about your product without being guilty of greenwashing.

  7. You want to transition to recyclable, compostable, or reusable packaging for your products.

  8. You want to inspire your staff to live sustainably but don’t have the bandwidth to create educational programs.

  9. You want to be seen as a leader in the sustainability movement with practical applications to your customers’ daily lives.

  10. You want to create educational content for your marketing outlets about your zero waste efforts.

Maybe a few of these apply to you or maybe all of them. No matter your industry, we help companies achieve their sustainability goals with an emphasis on zero waste initiatives.

Living with less waste can be overwhelming, but Waste Free Earth is here to support you. Our monthly plans set your company up for success and make sure your consumers know how to dispose of your product properly. Together, we can work towards a Waste Free Earth.

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