Sydney graduated from Endicott College with a B.S. in Hospitality Management and a concentration in Event Management. Sydney wrote her Thesis on Attendee Motivation and Event Satisfaction in Music Festivals. She was also an avid student member of ILEA (International Live Event Association), which acts to connect students with professionals within the hospitality industry. Through these events, Sydney was able to intern within three different segments of the industry (Special Events, Concerts, Corporate Events).

Sydney lives for meeting and learning from those around her. Traveling to over 12 countries and immersing herself into cultures, she fell in love with community. While exploring her degree at Endicott, she began to realize how important music was in her daily routine and the power it had for bringing people together. Through volunteer and intern positions, Sydney found herself diving deeper into the music and film industry - wanting to create a space for those to feel supported and heard. To have their story be told, while being sustainability conscious. Sydney has successfully planned and executed events in different roles within the music and film industry.

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