Is your new year’s resolution to  live a more zero waste  lifestyle? Join our New Year, Zero Waste Challenge!

February 1st - 28th

Starting at $100 per person

for individuals

We get it: zero waste living can be daunting and seem unattainable, especially during a pandemic. Let us show you how you can easily adopt zero waste strategies,  no matter where you are in your sustainability journey. 
Our New Year, Zero Waste Challenge is a month of zero waste prompts that are fun and easy to embrace in everyday life!
We will be diving deep into why zero waste matters  in the real world:
  • The foundational principles of zero waste living
  • Why reusables are more environmentally friendly than single-use items
  • How the waste epidemic is one of the leading climate change contributors
  • Why your individual impact does make a difference
 Our online challenge includes:
  • 30+ Informative & short videos
  • 4 live Q&As
  • 9 AM-5 PM chat support for any zero waste questions
  • 4 downloadable zero waste activity guides
  • 30 days of access to the portal after the challenge
 Our promise to you: 
  • You will reduce your overall waste consumption by following our proven methods.
  • You will save money by reusing what’s around you instead of buying new.
  • We make our strategies relatable to multiple lifestyles and locations.
  • We try our best to make zero waste education as relatable and accessible as possible. 

Let's make 2021 less trashy together, we challenge you to join us!

 Zero Waste Challenge: $100 per person 

Looking for a more personalized approach?
Join our 'De-Waste Your Life Intensive', where you will get access to our New Year, Zero Waste Challenge and two 45-minute private sessions with Marina McCoy, our founder and zero waste expert.
Ask us questions about de-wasting your life specifically for your everyday routine: home, office, family, meal prepping, when you travel, etc. Whatever questions you may have, we will help you reach your zero waste goals and de-waste your life, together.
 De-Waste Your Life Intensive (includes challenge): $400 
Are you an employer with more than 15 employees? Check out our business package!

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