Do you want your event to become a leader in sustainable event production?

Are you sick of seeing a ton of trash on the ground?

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, Waste Free Earth is here to help.

Our remote team can help you

achieve your zero waste goals, today. 

We know that throwing an event is stressful enough - let us take care of the sustainability for you. 

Waste Free Earth specializes in on-site sustainability coordination and zero waste consulting strategies to integrate more comprehensive waste reduction programs at events all across the United States.

How does an event become a zero waste event?

  • We go into each department to identify the key waste contributors, actively work towards eliminating them, and inspire attendees along the way.

  • We work hard to ensure that our sustainability programs are built with integrity and are entirely legitimate. We pride ourselves in our slow integration of programs that lead to higher success rates across the board.

  • We provide education, awareness and award-winning services to give you peace of mind.

  • We reduce waste, costs, and stress.

  • We bring communities, landowners, venues, vendors, staff, attendees, and producers together.

By building custom sustainable strategies, we lower the environmental impact and reduce overall waste consumption for hundreds of thousands of event guests and their hosts each year.


No matter your industry,

we create systems that empower others to incorporate zero waste behaviors.

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