Do you want to take the next steps toward zero waste operations but don’t know how?


Are you struggling to find out what is recyclable in your area or if composting is even available?

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, Waste Free Earth is here to help.

Our remote team can help you

achieve your zero waste goals, today. 

From offices to storefronts, venues, and construction sites, we have the experience to create a program that promotes waste reduction, repurposing of materials, and diversion from the landfill.

What do our waste diversion plans look like?

  • Waste Free Earth will consult and assist in the development of your waste diversion plan by looking into the best practices for composting, recycling and overall waste reduction for your company. 

  • Depending on the project, we will also look into the best practices for repurposing materials, upcycling products, and donation procedures for any project that involves construction. 

  • Our waste diversion plan is structured into phases and includes intensive employee and stakeholder training for successful sustainability program implementation.

  • Interested in documenting your waste diversion plan? We offer an extension of our services: the Sustainability Roadmap, detailed document that visualizes the goals, timeline, and strategies used for each phase of the proposed project.​

Our overall objective is to create systems that are efficient and accessible to all stakeholders while educating along the way.


No matter your industry,

we create systems that empower others to incorporate zero waste behaviors.

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