Are you wanting to take the next step forward with your company and empower your employees to live with less waste inside and outside of the work environment?

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, Waste Free Earth is here to help.

Our remote team can help you

achieve your zero waste goals, today. 

We have the toolkit to build a zero waste culture that empowers employees to create change within their everyday lives. These tactics, branded to your organization, ultimately inspire staff-wide adoption and innovation.

What is in our zero waste education toolkit?

  • We help craft a company-branded zero waste manual that is fun, interactive, engaging, and informative. Each employee will receive the detailed manual upon employment, outlining the specific sustainability practices and standards.

  • We provide support by adding a slack (or preferred communication app) channel #sustainability for employees to ask any questions about zero waste and sustainability. We will respond accordingly with resources ranging from articles, blog posts, videos and documentaries, or just a simple response might do the trick. 

  • We are all about accountability and positive reinforcement, which is why we encourage your company to participate in our waste-free challenges. We will curate challenges to meet your team where they are at on their zero-waste journey.

  • We offer virtual and in-person zero waste workshops to hit the ground running and build a solid foundation.​

Our overall objective is to create a community that encourages all stakeholders to rethink waste and inspire others.


No matter your industry,

we create systems that empower others to incorporate zero waste behaviors.

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